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Individual cotton therapeutic paraffin-containing belt "PPHB-FIZOMED"

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Price: 235 EUR

Individual cotton therapeutic paraffin-containing belt "PPHB-FIZOMED" !


Unique Russian means of treatment of urolithiasis Medical  paraffin-containing belt "Fizomed" gives real chance to get rid from nephroliths, without resorting to operation.


The medical effect of the belt is caused by application of in special way processed paraffin, medical inserts from which are in special pockets of the belt. As a result of long (from 3 months) medical influence of the belt calculi in kidneys are showered gradually, collapse also and removed by sand from an organism with an urine current. The belt " PPHB-FIZOMED " is the first, really effective remedy treatment of urolithic illness which relieves of stones without drawing harm to a kidney!

Destroys all kinds of stones: the Long experience of application in urological practice has convincingly proved that the belt " PPHB-FIZOMED " effectively destroys all kinds of calculi: urate, phosphatic, oxalate and mixed. And the belt is successfully applied to treatment of coral calculi.

Efficient at any stage of the disease: Even if you have been a renal stone sufferer for many years, you can effectively apply the belt " PPHB-FIZOMED ".

Possesses an analgesic effect: In the vast majority of cases, the “Fizomed” belt completely eliminates boring low back pain in the first few weeks of application, and minute fragments of destroyed stones pass virtually without causing pain..

Kidney function enhancement: Effects of the belt include eradication of renal congestion. Urine outflow is improved, which counteracts concentration of stone-forming salts and has a good impact on the patient’s general condition.

No contraindications: There are no contraindications for the use of the "Fizomed"  belt. Neither ischemic heart disease nor diabetes mellitus nor chronic pyelonephritis preclude application of the "Fizomed" belt.

Both kidneys are treated at the same time: Therapeutic effects are directed to both kidneys; if one kidney contains stones and the other one excessive salt, the belt will help destroy and eliminate both.

The use of the belt is efficient after lithotripsy: Post-lithotripsy application of the belt results in absolute and significantly less painful passage of the destroyed stone’s fragments.

Ease of use: Application of this belt only requires neatness. The belt can be washed easily; you will just have to remove the active inserts. The major prerequisite is wearing it continuously. 

It is effective as a prophylactic: Medical paraffin-containing belt "Fizomed" is the effective prophylactic mean interfering further growth of stones in kidneys, and also promoting passage of sand and salts. For these purposes it is recommended to wear the belt for two - three weeks every two - three month before the expiration of its working life. It will reliably insure you from illness returning.

Duration of treatment by a belt of "Fizomed" it is thousandfold pays off preserving of kidney function and absence of by-effects!




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