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The paraffin-containing therapeutic UPT PROSTALONG-FIZOMED device

Price: 323 EUR



Why is prostatitis so hard to cure? Why, even after undergoing treatment and achieving good test results, is it enough to catch a light cold that will trigger off everything once again – the pain and the urination and sex problems?  

The medical term “prostatitis” is commonly used to denote prostate inflammation. This inflammation is caused by microorganisms invading the prostate that are not exterminated or eliminated from the body in a timely manner because of congestion of prostate secretion. This infection rarely presents a real threat in itself, and modern antibiotics help to cope with it, but the problem is not solved completely in this way, because prostate secretion will still be stagnating. This congestion results from malfunction of the organ, which is due to many causes, including age specifics and the universal problem of today’s living, bad ecological conditions. And, while congestion persists, a new infection and a relapse of the disease will soon ensue in 99% of cases. 

Patients with long-standing disease are well familiar with all the pangs, hopes, and disappointments that accompany numerous attempts to find a solution to this problem. It is easy to give up getting all mixed up in the multitude of drugs, biologically active substances, physical therapy procedures, when you finally find out that you are still where you started from with your prostatitis and have to start it all over again. And now … 

The novel appliance for treatment of the prostate, Prostalong-Fizomed , is a device aimed at efficient treatment of chronic prostatitis, as well as prevention of disease relapses. Application of the Prostalong-Fizomed device is indicated for those suffering from chronic prostatitis, both its bacterial and abacterial forms, as well as calculous prostatitis leading to the formation of concrements in the prostate. The principle underlying the action of this device stems from the properties of its active element, which is made of paraffin treated in a special manner. The way paraffin is processed allows to enhance the known accumulative properties of paraffin endlessly, and also to vitalize it with an absolutely new property, which is stimulation of prostate function. 

Attached with its fixator to the sacrum region of the patient’s body, the active element of the Prostalong-Fizomed device eliminates congestion and normalizes microcirculation and metabolic processes in the prostate tissue, which helps improve considerably function of the prostate. In the very first days of device use, the pain is significantly alleviated and eliminated completely, after which erection and sexual function recover fully, thanks to activated blood flow in the small pelvis. Finally in the process of treatment, which takes a few months, physiological drainage of the organ is reinstated, which helps eliminate secretion congestion. 

It makes sense to start using the Prostalong-Fizomed in the very first stages of treatment. Application of this device combines easily with the use of pharmaceuticals should they be necessary. And when the active phase of treatment is completed, the Prostalong-Fizomed device is recommended for prophylactic use, provided the service term of this appliance is observed. Preventive application of the Prostalong-Fizomed is also indicated in men at risk, i. e. those leading confining, sedentary lifestyles, all the more so because the device is very convenient in use and absolutely unnoticeable under clothing.

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