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The paraffin-containing therapeutic UPT VESICURE-FIZOMED device

Price: 226 EUR

For a long time it is known that gallstones can't be dissolved by medicines, and to appoint cholagogic preparations in the presence of stones in a gall bladder very risky as the stone can close a bilious channel and there will be a danger of rupture of a bubble that almost always leads to emergency removal of organ. 

That treatment of cholelithic illness has reached the result without operation, it is necessary to achieve two purposes simultaneously: to destroy a stone and, at the same time, to restore gall bladder function that will make possible effective and safe deducing with bile of particles of the destroyed stone. For the decision of these problems paraffin-containing therapeutic "Vezikur-Fizomed" device is created. At use of this device the medical effect is reached at the expense of influence on structures of biological fabrics by own energy of the organism transformed and directed with the help of paraffin-containing medical element – the basic component of device "Vezikur-Fizomed". The pure medical paraffin making a medical element of the device, passes special processing on technology of the manufacturer which without chemical compound change gives it absolutely new physical properties. Device "Vezikur-Fizomed" represents a medical paraffin element in a cloth case that is attached to the patient’s body at the right hypochondrium and rushes for a long time.

The major advantage of devices Vezikur-Fizomed that its action is pathogenically, i.e. influences a complex of the reasons and disease mechanisms (pathogenesis) is. Medical elements of the device accumulate and direct internal energy of an organism on completion and restoration of the broken power exchange between cages of sick fabrics. It leads to improvement of exchange processes in gall bladder fabrics, eliminates an inflammation, normalizes working capacity, restores elasticity and retractive function of a gall bladder and bile-excreting ways. All it promotes gradual destruction of gallstones, and the restored functional ability of a gall bladder allows to deduce microparticles of the destroyed stones effectively and safely. 

At the plural stones filling about 80 % or more of volume of a gall bladder and as at switching-off, and-or corrugation of gall bladder the device is applied to removal of a pain, a nausea, bitterness in a mouth and other sharp symptoms of disease and as promotes improvement of the general condition and quality of life.

Ability to restore the normal function of cages of body allows as with success to apply "Vezikur-Fizomed" at cholecystitises, a gall bladder dyskinesia, to restoration after toxic (including alcoholic) liver defeats. 

It is important to know that "Vezikur-Fizomed" is not first aid means. For reception of high-grade effect it is necessary to wear the device some months, therefore it is necessary to start to apply "Vezikur-Fizomed" without waiting the sharp period.

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