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FIZOMED-ARTRO for treatment of an osteochondrosis of cervicothoracic department of a backbone

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  • You have already understood that it is not so simply to get rid from these shooting or pulling back and neck pains . 
  • You already have almost reconciled that badly sleep, and in the mornings simply to get up, you should break own backbone literally. 
  • Leaving the house at least on an hour, you take with yourselves the whole first-aid set on a case sudden «a lumbago, and"jammings". 
  • You have already tried weight of preparations from an osteochondrosis and well know, how much they help and that such by-effects.

If it has bothered you ...

The Russian company "Fizomed" represents the newest working out not having analogs for treatment of an osteochondrosis of a backbone – paraffin-containig device "Fizomed-Artro".

By means of this device you have a real possibility not only in a short space of time to kill a pain and as much as possible to restore movement freedom, but also, thanks to deep getting influence of medical elements "Fizomed-Artro", completely to stop illness and as much as possible to restore already damaged межпозвонковые disks, and in the heavy and started cases – to provide essential delay of pathological process and seriously and for a long time to facilitate a condition.

It became possible thanks to the newest industrial technology of processing of pure not warm paraffin developed and patented by company " Fizomed " which is the basic medical component of "Fizomed-Artro". As a result of processing paraffin gets property at contact to defeat area to restore and make active a cellular metabolism, microcirculation and trophism of fabrics. Thus the device has constant continuous medical influence during all usage time (till one and a half years) that does treatment rather effective and productive.

Device "Fizomed-Artro" represents keeping part from an elastic cotton fabric which is put on directly a body or on linen and has special pockets with six medical elements: three - in the field of cervicothoracic department of a backbone and three - on a projection of muscles of a humeral belt.

Medical elements of device "Fizomed-Artro" have complex influence on a backbone: 

  • kill a pain and an inflammation;
  • remove constraint, numbness and tension of muscles; 
  • improve  trophism of interspine disks;
  • stimulate processes of regeneration (restoration) cartilage fabrics.

Clinical tests of "Fizomed-Artro" have successfully passed in leading Moscow clinics – the Moscow Region Scientific-Research Clinical Institute (МRSRCI) and on the basis of Chair of Orthopedics and rheumatology of the Russian Peoples Friendship University. Already in the first days of application of "Fizomed-Artro", at the overwhelming majority of patients completely pass or considerably remit pains and constraint in muscles of the top part of a back , and to the extremity of the first month of treatment chronic headaches, giddiness, "crunch" in a backbone considerably decrease, activity and volume of articulate movements cervical and shoulder girdle is considerably enlarged.

Positive dynamics as a result of wearing of "Fizomed-Artro" clinically became perceptible at all patients, expression degree varied only. The medical effect is confirmed by results REG and RVG researches. The device is convenient in application, possesses the expressed medical effect; use hasn't taped any collateral influences. It can be prescribed by the doctor as in the conditions of clinic, and is out-patient.

Chair of Traumatology and Orthopedics of the Russian Peoples Friendship University, doctor of medical sciences, professor Zagorodny N.V., responsible for tests doctor of medical sciences, professor of RPFU - Sergeev S.V.

 Intermediate results of application of device "Fizomed-Artro" at osteochondrosis treatment. 
According to chair of Traumatology  and orthopedy RPFU, Moscow

"Fizomed-Artro" direct their medical effects right to the diseased area, which precludes unfavourable influences on other healthy organs and tissues, that is the present way out for the older persons, suffering from many diseases which adequate treatment is very difficult to pick up.

Using "Fizomed-Artro" you can be assured – the device exerts continuous therapeutic effects for the whole duration of wearing. It favourably distinguishes "Fizomed-Artro" from the majority of medicines with strong, but far unsafe mechanism of  influence.

Device "Fizomed-Artro" actively helps and effectively treats, within more than one and a half years! In recalculation on every month of application, an expense for treatment by the device appear considerably smaller, than cost numerous and, unfortunately, not always harmless medicines.

Easy and comfortable design and simplicity of application of "FIZOMED-ARTRO" allows not to change a habitual way of life and thus gives medical effect, comparable with result of the whole complex of usual medical actions.

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