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Fizomed-Arthro for the treatment of the elbow joint

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The series of paraffin-containing Fizomed -Arthro appliances is a unique Russian development that gives patients with arthritis, arthrosis, and other joint diseases the possibility to get rid of their pain and regain flexibility in their joints, without surgery or potent medicines

Confirmed efficiency: The high therapeutic effect of the Fizomed -Arthro has been confirmed in clinical trials conducted at leading Moscow clinics, such as the Moscow Region Scientific-Research Clinical Institute after the name of M. F. Vladimirskiy and the Chair of Orthopedics of the Russian Peoples Friendship University. During these studies, over 90 % of patients with arthrosis-arthritis and traumatic arthritis of the knee, elbow, and ankle joints had virtually complete recovery of the range of articular motion. Elimination or considerable mitigation of pain was observed in 84 % of patients in the very first weeks of treatment, while 92% of subjects noted no more symptoms of joint inflammation.

Complex action:

  • The therapeutic action of the Fizomed -Arthro devices stems from the inclusion in their make-up of paraffin treated in a special manner.
  • Fizomed -Arthro devices are elastic cotton pieces overlaid on the knees, elbows etc., which are fitted with therapeutic paraffin-containing elements.
  • Fizomed -Arthro is an absolutely novel approach to the treatment of joint diseases, which is based on long-standing studying of the properties of paraffin, a substance that is known so well and has been used in orthopedics for so long. Thanks to the unique properties of the active elements, Fizomed -Arthro appliances exert complex action on the diseased joint:
    • pain relief;
    • eliminate the inflammatory process and edema;
    • improve cartilage trophism;
    • stimulate regeneration ( recovery) processes of cartilage tissues.

Targeted action: The active elements direct their effects right to the diseased area, which precludes unfavourable influences on other healthy organs and tissues. Furthermore, the devices are very practical and virtually unnoticeable under clothing.

Treatment continuity: the Fizomed -Arthro appliances can exert continuous therapeutic effects for the whole duration of wearing (the service period of one device is over 1.5 years). This will preclude the disease from recapturing its course, which would be the case if a break in the treatment were allowed.

Versatility: The absence of the warming action allows to use Fizomed -Arthro appliances in an active stage of the inflammatory process and also eliminates any restrictions to the duration of use. 

The Fizomed -Arthro devices have also performed well in the treatment of synovitis of the knee and elbow joints, as well as in the post-injury convalescence period. Application of these devices reduces the duration of the convalescence period and decreases the risk of complications.

Clinical data obtained in patients with degenerative joint disease in the knee joint treated with the Fizomed -Arthro device (as reported by the Moscow Region Scientific-Research Clinical Institute after the name of M. F. Vladimirskiy, Moscow)

Clinical symptoms Absence or considerable decrease of symptoms after 3 months of treatment
1.Pain 84 %
2.Limitation of range of articular motion 92 %
3.Synovitis 92 %
4.Functional contracture of the muscular-copular apparatus of a joint 100 %
5. Posture and gait condition 75 %

Application of the Fizomed -Arthro device results in effects comparable in magnitude with the results obtained with a whole complex of conventional therapeutic measures.

Size А (circumference in 12 sm. above a joint)

Size Б (circumference in 12 sm. below a joint)

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